Mechanical Design

The most unique aspect of our design compared to other, more common mini sumo designs is the mechanical complexity. Since Frank the Tank uses high-powered motors that are larger by nature, the motors are oriented in such a way where they sit above the wheels in terms of height, unlike designs with micro-motors that can have the motors and wheels all on the same “plane.” We also had to use chains to drive pairs of wheels with one motor. Throughout the course of designing Frank the Tank, ensuring mechanical integrity while still meeting competition restrictions was one of our greatest challenges.

The motors that we chose run at 12 V, and have a stall current of 5.6 A. The motor drivers we chose to pair these motors with deliver a continuous 12 A, since continuous current must be around twice the value of the motor’s stall current to ensure the motor driver doesn’t burn out.



0.1227” Pitch
Plastic Chain
0.1227″ Pitch Press
Fit Sprockets
FingerTech Mini-Sumo Wheels
0.375″ (3/8″) Bronze Bushings

3D Models
Rev I

Rev II



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