Frank uses two 25D High Power Metal Gear Motors that consume 12V. Therefore, the battery that we chose is the Tattu 14.8V 4S Lipo battery that powers all of the hardware components. In addition,  the battery is an appropriate size and weight so that Frank does not exceed the robot specifications to compete.

The motor drivers are used to drive Frank forward or backwards depending on the logic ports on the motor driver. It is powered by the unregulated 14,8V for the motors and a logic voltage of 3.3V. It is used to send a pulse width modulation to operate Frank to move autonomously.

The  distance sensors are placed in such a way where their cones of vision create a “venn diagram-like” orientation on the front and back sides of the robot. This ensures that the robot will know if the opponent is in front, back, or somewhere near its sides. (Add statistics)

The reflective sensors we decided to go with are the QTR-1A Reflective Sensors. They have an analog output corresponding to the light reflected onto the sensor. This would allow Frank to distinguish the white line and react accordingly depending on the situation.

Motor Driver VNH5019


Sharp GP2Y0A21YK0F
Analog Distance
Sensor 10-80cm

QTR-1A Reflective Sensor

Tattu 14.8V 4S 450mAh

99:1 Metal Gearmotor
25Dx54L mm HP 12V

Infrared start

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