The mini Sumo robot competition is a sport that involves two autonomous robots strategically engineered with the ultimate purpose of pushing each other out of the ring. SumoBot competitions have become extremely popular in the past few years not just in the USA but all over the world, with worldwide competitors ranging from countries like Peru and Mexico to countries on the other side of the globe. There are many different competition types and categories and due to this fact, robots can widely vary in weight; ranging from125 pounds, to as small as 1 cm. For our competition in specific, the specifications are given as follows: 10x10 cm (length and width, with no Z-axis constraints) and 500 grams as the weight. Our design philosophy is different than that of the majority of the teams; exerting the most force possible to push our opponent slowly out of the ring exploiting power, torque, and traction, rather than speed and agility.



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Our Robot, Frank the Tank!



PRJCT AFK consists of computer engineers brought together to create an autonomous mini sumo robot for an organized competition held on April 30th, 2018. The competition follows a modified version of the Robogames Unified Sumo Rules for the Mini Autonomous class.

The design philosophy that we implemented was strong and tanky. With the big and heavy 25D metal motors, Frank’s acceleration is slow. However, to compensate Frank has a great amount of torque that would push away the opponents. Frank uses 4 wheels for maximum traction because of the torque ratio. Torque requires traction so we could use all of the torque to its maximum potential.




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